Edinburgh College International Map 2019 A1
18 September 2020

Edinburgh College Welcomes New Report on the International Ambitions of Scotland’s Colleges

Edinburgh College presented a series of case studies of its international work to policy makers and colleagues across the industry, as part of the launch of a new report on the Internationalisation of the Scottish College Sector, commissioned by the College Development Network.

The report, the first of its kind to specifically look at the contribution of colleges to Scotland’s international footprint, builds on the vision for the future of the Scottish college sector set out in the Cumberford-Little report published earlier this year, by analysing the current scope of college international work and making a series of recommendations on how Scotland’s colleges can continue to expand their international presence.

Edinburgh College’s International Business Manager, Sarah Gore, gave a presentation on the success of Edinburgh College’s recent international work in the areas of English Language and Teacher training, highlighting the College’s involvement in projects in China, Panama, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Rwanda and Colombia. She explained how the College has built up lasting relationships with partners across the globe, such as education institutions and government ministries of education, and how the College has developed a strong reputation and a wealth of experience in delivering projects in this curriculum area. 

Read the full International Ambitions report.

This report is an excellent insight into the work that Scotland’s colleges do internationally, and into the many opportunities there are to expand the global reach of colleges in the future. At Edinburgh College we’re proud of our extensive international work and I’m delighted that we were able to present case studies to support the launch of the report today. Engaging internationally enriches our College in so many ways and we are always looking to expand and develop what we do with our partners across the globe. Following the launch of the Cumberford-Little Report earlier this year, this report will play an important role in demonstrating the offer of colleges at a time when countries all over the world focus on economic recovery due to the impact of the pandemic. The demand for reskilling and upskilling of large numbers of people is only likely to grow and Scottish colleges have so much to bring to the table in terms of meeting this demand for high-quality skills training. We look forward to working across the sector to further Scotland’s international footprint in this space.
Edinburgh College Principal, Audrey Cumberford
It was great to be given this opportunity to present our international work to colleagues across the sector. The report itself is a timely reminder that, despite the challenging situation globally, Scotland’s colleges have a massive amount to offer internationally and themselves benefit hugely from international engagement. At Edinburgh College we are always looking to expand our international work and build new relationships across the globe. I hope that in the future we will be able to continue to grow our international presence and work with colleagues across all curriculum areas to support the College to grow internationally.
Edinburgh College International Business Manager, Sarah Gore