Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 requires public authorities to maintain a publication scheme approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner. The purpose of the publication scheme is to provide information proactively in an easily accessible form so that it can be accessed without having to make an individual request. The College Publication Scheme sets out what classes of information the College will publish or intends to publish, how the information is made available and whether there is a fee.

All requests should be returned to the FOI officer at:

FOI Officer
Edinburgh College - Milton Road Campus 
24 Milton Road East
Since 1 January 2005, you are able to request information not contained in this Publication Scheme. If you wish to request information either contained or not contained in the Publication Scheme you should complete and return the Freedom of Information Request Form.
Accessing Personal Information (Right of Access)

Personal information is covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 and the Data Protection Act 2018. You are entitled to request the following from the college (free of charge): 

  • Confirmation that the college is processing your personal data; 
  • A copy of your personal data; and 
  • Other supplementary information (including the purpose of processing and categories of personal data)
A full list of the information you are entitled to request from the college is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office website

Please note, this information is also provided in the college’s Data Protection Policy.

If you wish to access your personal information you should submit your request to the Information Management team: 
Feedback and Complaints

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we are required to review our publication scheme to ensure that it is current and meets the needs of all users. As part of this ongoing development, we would welcome all comments on your experience of using the publication scheme and suggestions for information that we might publish in the future.

Comments and complaints should be sent on a Publication Scheme Feedback Form to the FOI Officer.  

FOI Requests (Since 1 August 2017)

A copy of all FOI requests and responses since 1 August 2017 can be found here:

Ref. No Description FOI Response FOI Review Processing Cost
047/16/17Northgate Costs​​Response ​​£81.16
048/16/17Job Evaluation Response
049/16 /17Support Staff NumbersResponse ​​​
050/16/17Job Evaluation​​Response
051/16/172014/15 Recovery Plan​​​Response Review £560.02
052/16/17Review of College Curriculum Frameworks​​​​Review £ 158.10
053/16/17Interim Principal: Recovery Plan​​Response Review £108.51
054/16/17Violence at Work Statistics Response
055/16/17Partnership Working Agreement Response
056/16/17Review of Curriculum Mid-Sep 2015 Response
057/16/17Muslim Staff/Student Composition
Response ​​
058/16/17E-Resources Response
£ 46.89
059/16/17Development plan/Transformation PlanResponse Review £328.27
060 /16/17CRM Students​​Response ​​£77.75
061/16/17Internal/External Event Costs​​Response ​​​​​​£176.76
062/16/17FOISA Statistics​​Response ​​£46.89
063 /16/17Recovery Plan​​Response ​​Review £278.75
064/16/17Recovery Plan Response ​​£93.78
066/16/17Student Funding​​Response £46.89
067/16/17SafeguardingResponse ​​£85.56
068/16/17Living Wage Response ​​£86.56
069/16/17Non-UK EU Staff/Students​​Response ​​£38.18
070/16/1 7Non-UK EU Staff​​Response ​​£38.18
071/16/17Communications and Corporate AffairsResponse ​​​​£61.62
072/16/17College Car Parks Response ​​£46.89
073/16/17Charging fees to students withdrawing from courses before funding cut-off date​​Response ​​£46.89
074/16/17Date interim Principal took up post Response  ​​£23.45
075/16/17Safeguarding Response ​​Review £251.58
076/16/17EU Students​​Response ​​£46.89
077/16/17Senior/Exec Info​​Response ​​£76.35
078/16/17Safeguarding: Policy and procedure​​Response ​​£79.05
079/16/17Principal's salary Response ​​£76.35
080/16/17WiFi Provider Contracts​​Response ​​£61.62
001/18Zero hour contracts​​Response £38.18
002/18Tobacco outlets and funding​​Response ​​£40.58
003/18Gender equality at FE Institutions​​Response ​​£61.62
004/18Staff grades and salary conservation due to merger/restructure​​Response ​​£76.35
005/18Contracts​​Response ​​£61.62
006/18Counselling service Response ​​£61.62
007/18Paternity Leave​​Response ​​£38.18
008/18Modern Apprentices​​Response ​​£38.18
009/18Homelessness​​Response ​​£38.18
010/18Top 5 ICT suppliers​​Response ​​£40.58
011/18Staff and student ID cards​​Response ​​​​£61.62
012/18Number of cases of sexual misconduct and/or harassmentResponse £79.05
013/18Janitorial restructure (project work) Response ​​£30.82
014/18Principal's Remuneration Response ​​£23.45
015/18Expenditure of entertaining at events​​Response ​​£67.64
016/18Principal's spending on travel Response ​​£38.18
017/18Principal's spending on hotels/accommodation​​Response ​​£38.18
018/18Principal's spending on training/CPD Response ​​£38.18
019/18Composition of teh college's ICT support team​​Response ​​£30.82
020/18Early Years & Education Courses​​Response ​​£39.53
021/18External Managers​​Response ​​£46.89
022/18Mandatory courses​​Response ​​£46.89
023/18Recommendations by Police Scotland on safety at the college​​Response ​​£46.89
024/18ICT users, workstations, servers, job descriptions Response ​​£79.05
025/18Credit card spend​​Response £79.05
028/18Stress Management Response ​​£85.07
029/18Free Sanitary Provision​​Response ​​£30.82
030/18Voluntary Severance Response ​​£38.18
031/18ICT historical job descriptions​​Response ​​£52.91
032/18Trade Union Payments ​​Response ​​£46.89
033/18Trade Union - collective bargaining​​Response ​​£38.18
034/18Salary details for college's ICT support team​​Response ​​£23.45
035/18Disclosed physical disability Response ​​£79.05
037/18Payments to TU od Staff AssociationsResponse ​​£25.99
038/18Blackrock International, Esk and Applecross Properties and Jewel and Esk Valley College Response ​​£172
039/18Assaults at work​​Response ​​£38.18
040/18Stress-related absencesResponse ​​£61.62
041/18Mobile device management​​Response ​​£76.35
042/18Voluntary Severance​​Response ​​£25.99
043/18Childcare qualifications​​Response ​​£61.62
044/18Dyslexia Tests/Costs Response ​​£61.62
045/18Voluntary Severance​​Response​​​​​£108.51
​046/18​​Zero hour contracts/Temporary contracts/Scottish median annual wage​​Response​​​​​£61.62
​047/18​​Brexit planning​​Response​​​​​£93.78
​048/18​​Fossil Fuel investment​​Response​​​​​£93.78
Staff Breaks​

​Senior Salaries

​Courses for under 16's


​Union Reps

​Supplier or staff overpayments

​Students dismissed prior to any warning being issued following a disciplinary investigation

​Art Glass Courses


​Access and Participation Plan

​Car Parking

​Enterprise Applications Software


​Teaching and senior management numbers and gender

Disabled Student Data​

​Staff provided under the expired Framework Agreement Provision of Temporary and Interim Staff Services - Interim IT

​Staff provided under the expired Framework Agreement Provision of Temporary and Interim Staff Services - Interim Professional

​Mental Health

​Scope of NRPA
​Renewable energy courses/modules

​Staff provided under the live Framework Agreement Crown Commercial Services - Non-medical non-clinical temporary and fixed-term staff RM971

​Assaults at Work

​Bereavement services

​First aid


​Car parking for staff

​Student deaths


​Rent guarantor scheme

​Approaches to GDPR and DPA 2018

​Sanitary products

​Student accommodation

​Sales of college assets

​Cleaning services and security tender

Number of black applicants and how many are offered places​

Senior salaries​

​Arrangements for support services

​Data protection officer

​Arms Length Foundation

​Staff list



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