SCQF Level 6
Music & Sound Production

Course Overview

The Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) course introduces essential Pro Tools concepts and principles, covering all you need to know to see a Pro Tools creation through from start to finish.

With support from your tutor, you’ll learn to build sessions that include multi-track recordings of live audio, MIDI sequences and virtual instruments.

Learning is very hands-on and you’ll complete a string of exercises and projects which introduce essential techniques for creative sessions. You’ll cover fundamental skills such as recording and importing audio and MIDI, and will learn how to edit session media, navigate sessions, arrange media on tracks, and use basic processing and mixing techniques to finalise a production. You’ll also receive a download of media files and Pro Tools sessions to complement your exercises and projects

What You Will Learn
  • Create a Pro Tools session document or cloud-enabled project with appropriate parameter settings
  • Accomplish common audio production tasks
  • Employ navigation and editing skills in a multi-track Pro Tools document
  • Incorporate professional recording and mixing techniques for audio and MIDI files in the Pro Tools environment
  • Analyse and interpret session file structures
  • Recognise and navigate the user interface and tool set
Entry Requirements

Pro Tools 101 is designed for those new to Pro Tools, as well as more experienced users looking to develop their understanding of the software. No previous Pro Tools experience is necessary, although a working knowledge of Windows or Mac operating systems and some basic audio recording and DAW knowledge is preferred. This could be a familiarity with microphones, an understanding of basic audio and MIDI recording techniques, a knowledge of simple multi-track mixing concepts (such as setting levels and panning), or familiarity with digital audio equipment such as MIDI controllers and audio interfaces.

Course Cost And Funding Options
Fee: £255 Milton Road evening (year 1)
Start Date and Time


This course will start on…
  • Group A - Milton Road Campus - Tuesday 5th October at 6:00 PM (2021)
End Date


This course will end on...
  • Monday 29/11/2021
Course Delivery
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