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30 January 2020

Digby Brown Staff Benefit From Edinburgh College Training

Some of Scotland’s top legal minds have benefited from a bespoke training programme developed by Edinburgh College trainers through the Flexible Workforce Development Fund.

Digby Brown Solicitors, which employs around 300 staff across seven offices in Scotland, tasked the College’s associate trainers with creating a unique training programme designed to support its employees in their roles and promote positive mental health inside and outside of work.

The training partnership came to fruition after Digby Brown identified a need to enhance training for staff who encounter challenging telephone conversations as part of their work to ensure colleagues maintained good mental health and productivity.

Edinburgh College trainers spent time discussing the firm’s training needs and quickly designed a bespoke programme entitled ‘Responding well in difficult circumstances: self-care at Digby Brown’. This programme included modules aimed at equipping staff with the techniques they require to handle tricky situations and to self-care in the time following when required.

Participating colleagues received training on the following themes: contact stages for a first responder; active listening skills; effective question techniques; your voice as a tool; and responding effectively to distressed callers.

Digby Brown HR director Wendy Quinn said: “From the get-go Edinburgh College leaned over backwards to ensure our training needs have been met. The unique programme the college team provided was second to none.

“The course content and the delivery of it by the trainer were perfectly suited to our staff requirements in terms of responding well to tricky situations in their work – helping them to provide an improved service every day while maintaining positive mental health. We’re looking forward to working with Edinburgh College trainers again this year.”

Edinburgh College head of Commercial Jane Grant said: “It’s been fantastic working alongside Digby Brown staff to assess their training needs and goals and deliver a course which is completely unique.

“The fact the training has been so well received by their teams is an indication of how skilled our teaching staff and associate trainers are in what they do. We’re delighted to continue working with Digby Brown again in 2020.”

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund provides eligible employers with up to £15,000-worth of training from their local college to upskill and reskill their existing workforce

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